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Dániel Bárth


  • Archival-historical folkloristics
  • Ethnology of religion
  • Relationship between liturgical history and folkloristics
  • Popular culture and everyday  life in early modern Hungary
  • Lower clergy and local society
  • „Marriage, Baptism and Churching of Women. The Church and popular culture in early modern Hungary” (Summary), in Esküvő, keresztelő, avatás. Egyház és népi kultúra a kora újkori Magyarországon. 272–276. p. Budapest, 2005.
  • „Kirchliche Benediktionspraxis im frühneuzeitlichen Ungarn”, in Religion und Magie in Ostmitteleuropa. Hg.: Thomas Wünsch. 301–320. p. Berlin: Lit Verlag, 2006. (Religions- und Kulturgeschichte in Ostmittel- und Südosteuropa 8.)
  • „On the border of Western and Eastern Christianity. The co-existence and conflicts of religions in Southern Hungarian Bácska in the 18th century”, Acta Ethnologica Danubiana 10–11. Komárno, 2009. 53–60. p.
  • „Benediction and exorcism in early modern Hungary”, in Benedikció és exorcizmus a kora újkori Magyarországon. 439–451. p. Budapest, 2010.
  • „Benediction and exorcism in Early Modern Hungary”, in The Power of Words. Studies on Charms and Charming in Europe. Ed. by James Kapaló, Éva Pócs and William Ryan. CEU Press, Budapest–New York, 2013. 199–209. p.
  • Pater Rochus, der ungarische Gassner. Exorzismus, Volksfrömmigkeit und Katholische Aufklärung in Südungarn im Mitte des 18”, Jahrhunderts. Jahrbuch für Europäische Ethnologie. Dritte Folge 8. (2013) 85–100. p.
  • Historical Folkloristics in Hungary. The Past and The Future, Etnoszkóp 2. évf. 2012. 1. szám. 22–34. p.
  • 2013–: ERC 324214. (Vernacular religion on the boundary of Eastern and Western Christianity: continuity, changes and interactions, Leader: Pócs Éva), participant
  • 2009–2013: Religion, Church and Society in Székelyföld in the 17–20th Century (OTKA) K 78551, principal investigator
  • 2004–2007: Folk belief, religion, mentality. Hand-wrotten and printed sources, 16-19. centuries. Exploration, publication and study of sources (OTKA) K 46472, participant
  • 2005–2008: Church and folkways in Transylvania in the 17th-20th century, with special regard to Szekler villages and small farms (OTKA) K 49440, principal investigator
Membership in Academic and Professional Organisations,
Editorial Board Memberships 
  • Néprajzi Látóhatár (Editorial Board member)
  • 1996–: Hungarian Ethnographical Society (Co-Editor of Néprajzi Hírek: 2007–2009
  • 2001–: Hungarian Association for Semiotic Studies
  • 2004–: Society International of Ethnology and Folklore
  • 2005–: Hungarian Association for the Academic Study of Religion (secretary: 2005–2006)
  • 2008–: Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS), member of public body
  • 2011–: Ethnological Commission of HAS
  • 2012–: Hungarian Ethnographical Society, Department of Folklore (president)