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Miklós István Földváry


  • Liturgical history of Europe
  • Western liturgical uses (esp. the Use of Esztergom)
  • The western liturgical culture in perspective of anthropology of religion
  • 2008 | “The Lectern in Liturgical Culture”, Sacred Music CXXXV/4. 14–20. 
  • 2009 | Ordinarius Strigoniensis: Impressum pluries Nurenbergæ, Venetiis et Lugduni annis Domini 1493–1520 (RMK III Suppl. I 5031, RMK III 35, 134, 165, 166, 238). Argumentum, Budapest. 212 p. (Monumenta Ritualia Hungarica; 2.) 
  • 2009 | DÉRI, Balázs – FÖLDVÁRY, Miklós István: “Objectives of Monumenta Ritualia Hungarica” in: DÉRI, Blasius (ed.): Missale Strigoniense 1484: id est… I–VIII. 
  • 2009 | “The Use of Esztergom”, in DÉRI, Blasius (ed.): Missale Strigoniense 1484: id est Missale secundum chorum almae ecclesiae Strigoniensis, impressum Nurenbergae apud Anthonium Koburger, anno Domini MCCCCLXXXIIII (RMK III 7). Argumentum, Budapest. IX–XV. (Monumenta Ritualia Hungarica; 1.)
  • 2010 | “Unknown Fragments of Ordines in Mediaeval Hungary and Related Central European Churches”, in LECLANT, Jean – VAUCHEZ, André – HUREL, Daniel-Odon (éds.): Dom Jean Mabillon, figure majeure de l’Europe des lettres: Actes des deux colloques du tricentenaire de la mort de dom Mabillon (Abbaye de Solesmes, 18–19 mai 2007; Palais de l’Institut, Paris, 7–8 décembre 2007). Académie des Inscriptions et Belles- Lettres, Paris 2010. 671–683. 
  • 2012 | “The Variants of the Roman Rite: Their Legitimacy and Revival”, Usus Antiquior III/2. 121–129. 
  • 2013 | “A Recent Survey of Catalonian and Mallorcan Ordinals and its Contribution to the Editorial Approach of Normative Liturgical Texts”, in HAGGH, Barbara – LACOSTE, Debra (eds.): Papers Read at the 15th Meeting of the IMS Study Group ’Cantus Planus’, Dobogókő/Hungary, 2009. Aug. 23-29. The Institute of Mediaeval Music, Ottawa. 457–470. 29 
Membership in Academic and Professional Organisations,
Editorial Board Memberships 
  • 2002–: Editor of the Hungarian quarterly Magyar Egyházzene (Hungarian Sacred Music)
  • 2002–: Member of the Hungarian Church Music Society (Magyar Egyházzenei Társaság)
  • 2001–: Member of the Hungarian Society for the Study of the Ancient World (Ókortudományi Társaság)
  • 2013–: Leader of the Research Group of Liturgical History (Centre for the Study of Religion, Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences)